About Us


Who are we?

We are mom and daughter duo, Lisa and Jamie! Both of us have been crafting for a while now independently while promoting the other's little hobby to whoever would listen until we decided to just merge into one business. 


What do you do outside of your crafts?

Lisa has three daughter's and one son, with Jamie being the eldest at 23 years old and her son being the youngest at 11 years old. Her son, Zackary, is autistic and needs a little bit of help with tasks that over-stimulate his curious mind, so her time is usually split between her crafts and her son. If she has the time, she loves to watch drama TV shows and baking shows with her husband and sister-in-law.

Jamie has a 9 week old daughter who also takes up a large portion of her non-crafting time. Being a first time mom, she is just now going through the learning curve of functioning without much sleep! When she gets the chance, she loves playing her favorite videogame, World of Warcraft or her second favorite game, Destiny 2, with her husband.


Why do you have so many different types of products available for purchase?

We are curious people! Jamie loves the challenge of learning something new and exciting while Lisa enjoys letting her creativity flow through designing patterns and testing different embellishments on her items, such as holographic vinyl or alcohol ink. Both of them love the freedom their particular crafts bring them to express themselves to each other and their friends and family.