Creative Crafting

Creative Crafting

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Special Orders


Whether you are looking for a gift for yourself or someone special, we have just what you are looking for.  Can't find what you need? Ask! We do special orders.




Curious about what we make? Come take a look! We always capture our finished, handmade items before sending them off to their new homes.


Our Creative Team

Picture of Lisa (left) and Jamie (right)

Meet the makers behind the magic! We each bring unique and wonderful skills to our arts and crafts team.


Featured Product


Pixel creations of all sorts; Groot, Halo, potions, Horde, Deadpool, Minecraft, and more!

What can you customize?

Everything. T-shirts, paintings, coasters, jewelry, decals, etc. Every single thing we make can absolutely be customized from font, image, size, colors, font type; you name it, we can change it!

How do I request a custom item?

Simply contact us! We are always happy to create unique and special products for each and every client that wants one. You can fill out the contact form in the "Contact us" portion of our site or send us a message on facebook!


What's included in the shipping price?

For paintings, shipping is more expensive because it includes: 

  • protective paper around the painting
  • bubble wrap for further protection (smaller paintings come in a bubble wrapped package)
  • corner covers (larger paintings will have these, smaller will not)

Coasters require a sturdy box that can support the weight of 4 ceramic tiles, as well as we provide bubble wrap and foam inserts to cushion and protect them as much as possible.

The majority of our products have relatively low shipping as we ship through USPS.

What do I do if my item was damaged during shipping?

You send us an email within 2 business days of receiving the damaged item to and we work our tails off to either replace the damaged item or work with you to find an alternative solution that makes you happy. We always give each of our finished products the utmost care and attention when packaging and shipping so as to ensure our customers are as happy as clams when they open their box!